New England has many talented VR developers and companies. Here's some of the regular exhibitors who show demos at our Meetups.

If you're interested in presenting at Boston VR, contact us here.



Altspace VR

AltspaceVR  is a social platform for VR, seeking to build a practical, natural, and fulfilling way for people to communicate online using VR. Within AltspaceVR, users connect in virtual spaces to create shared experiences around web content - watch videos, play games, and collaborate inside of VR. The AltspaceVR API lets developers spawn objects in VR space using Javascript. AltspaceVR recently closed a $5.2M seed round from investors including Dolby Family Ventures, Lux Capital, and Google Ventures.



Archean is a VR creation game and worldbuilding tool designed to let players, developers, and artists build worlds and experiences together, inside VR. Archean Sandbox is the standalone creation game, coming to all VR platforms, designed for creative players who want to build and share their own worlds.  Archean Developer is an upcoming Unity extension which will let game developers use Archean's tools within Unity, so they can build and iterate on their own games and environments without leaving VR.



Autodesk presented their new View and Data API and show demos of WebGL/HTML5 with the Oculus and Google Cardboard. 3D Systems will present the Touch haptic device to allow you to reach out touch virtual worlds. As usual we'll also have a variety of other VR demonstrations for you to try from our local developers including brand new demos from VirZOOM & Skreens!