Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following positions.

Event Promotion: Through social media, contacting related groups, contacting traditional media, etc.

Event Planning:  We always need help finding presenters, so free to suggest the idea to people with good VR/AR stuff, without making promises, and introduce them to Craig. 

Demo Wrangling:  We could really use someone willing to take ownership tracking the demonstrators, gathering their demo descriptions for the events announcements, helping with setup, etc. 

Videographer and/or Live Streamer:  We used to have a great vlogger who recorded and posted all our meetups. You could do that, even with just a smartphone!  Better still, live-stream with a cellphone.

Equipment Library:  Build the online library of equipment and handle check-in and check-out.  Work with Alan Foster. 

Social Media Maven:  Promote us on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

Sponsor Finder:  Find us sponsors, like Discover, willing to give us a chunk of money for a year.  Work closely with Craig and me on that. 

Selling T-Shirts:  Each event.